Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Exploits in Window's Safari Were Planned

Ever since Jobs took the throne back at Apple, every move of the company has been meticulously planned and executed. So why did they stupidly release Safari on Windows? Within 2 hours of the announcement, 6 bugs were found. That doesn't seem to be like Apple at all. Or does it? Maybe Jobs has another motive up his sleeve - as if Safari on Windows was planned to fail.
The company is so secretive with its master plan that the entire internet is buzzing with rumors. Jobs always seems to surprise us with one more thing. He knew years ago about the switch to Intel processors, which threw the new and improved Mac line at an entirely new market, myself included. The iPhone arguably has more hype than any recent product, even though only a handful of people outside Cupertino have actually played with the thing. This company probably knows its every move for the next 10 years, and will continure to develop groundbreaking new products.
Part of this plan must be gaining market share, which Apple needs to survive against Microsoft. One of the reasons many people don't switch over is because they think Mac OS X has just the same security as Windows, but doesn't have any viruses becuase the hackers don't want to waste their time on an operating system few people use. Jobs needs this theory to go away, even if it is true. Safari may have been ported to Windows to show that software on Windows is inherently less secure than the same software on OS X. Enter the Apple's Reality Distortion Field which will blame Microsoft for the problem, and if it's bundled with iTunes, the millions of iPod owners will start to believe it- a key for Apple to continue growing. The more people that are convinced that Windows is inferior to Mac OS X, the more will switch. And Steve Jobs wins again.